Hurley Convergence Center

Hidden within the thoroughly traditional exterior of the University of Mary Washington's new Hurley?Convergence Center is a hub of innovation and modernity: part creativity laboratory; part advanced-digital-resources nexus; and part showcase for practices and results. The building and its equipment are capable of holding massive digital archives, and represent a central point of access for ultra-high quality, network-based resources. Students and faculty alike benefit from wired and wireless network access, visual presentation, distance learning, collaboration, media capture and streaming, and digital archiving features.?

Straddling the Campus Walk that is perhaps the university’s most iconic orienting element, the Center provides a physical and functional connection to the Simpson Library as well as a place for partnership and collaboration across disciplines. The Center's Georgian exterior blends seamlessly with its context while gesturing to the rich technological future it promises with a sheer glass “slice” through the building?that allows?generous views and brings?filtered natural light to its interior.

Not only is this a place where students can “plug in,” it’s also a place where faculty can explore, train, and master the tools that will help them teach technologically savvy Millennials more effectively. The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies offers training in a variety of fixed and flexible spaces that allow students, faculty, and staff to interact with one another on both curricular and extracurricular projects, reducing any intimidation factors. Self-service workstations and spaces are outfitted with computer, video production, and other technologies to help users transition to the latest tools and approaches. Spaces include a variety of classrooms, seminar rooms, team collaboration studios, a multimedia lab, a motion capture lab, and a 200-seat "black box" auditorium classroom with a supporting control room. Other features include a cafe, a 200-person auditorium for lectures and training, sophisticated digital media production facilities, multi-media presentation spaces, multi-function conference rooms.

"From the outside, this will be a Georgian building. But the inside will house something that none of us have ever seen before."
?-?UMW Convergence Center Building Committee Chair?

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