Project Red

A confidential client engaged Hanbury to assist in the planning and design for one of their campuses, the corporation’s largest site in North America. The campus contains business and R&D functions and employs more than 800 employees. The efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratories is at the forefront of these design efforts. The facilities, which were all built in the 60s and 70s, are in need of modernization to help facilitate the ongoing R&D functions. Hanbury’s lab planning team will engage with the client’s operational excellence group to ensure efficient design. Many of the research groups are planning for robotics and automation within the technical spaces to improve the quality and throughput of repetitive research experiments. These functions also see great safety gains in the modernization of the lab environments.

Additionally, customer engagement is a cornerstone of the design. Visual connection between the lab and office functions and addition of atrium spaces to bring light into both workplace and R&D spaces are features of the design. A customer experience center will create spaces that allow tours and collaboration with the users of the products: farmers.

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