Ashley Montgomery, Elizabeth Morgan, Katrina Uher, Jan 15, 2021

Resilience in Practice

Framing the Concept

This turbulent year has tested our resilience. We have been forced to confront challenges and be adaptable in order to live, work, and engage physically, emotionally, and intellectually wherever we are in new and innovative ways. Our individual experiences of this pandemic are woven into larger syst...

Jameson O’Donnell, 2020 Summer Scholar, Dec 08, 2020

Summer Scholar Program Takes on Military Circle – Virtually

In Spring of 2020, most architecture students, like myself, grew increasingly concerned about the prospects of our fast approaching future careers. At a time when looking for work is stressful in itself, the pandemic introduced an even more confusing degree of job insecurity. But through the simple process of one appl...

Co-curricular, Planning
Buddy Hall, Nov 23, 2020

Getting Students into Community

Colleges and universities spend millions of dollars building residence halls hoping to create a home away from home for students. They address the front door experience, indoor-outdoor connections, provide abundant study space, partner with academic programs to activate classrooms and maker spaces and focus on cultural...

Robert V. Reis, Oct 22, 2020

Virginia Design Medalists Cover Everything from Business Development to Design Equity

The workplace changes necessitated by COVID-19 restrictions created an opportunity to reimagine our long-standing Virginia Design Medalist Program. Unlike our traditional format, with one or two medalists spending their term in our offices observing, teaching and mentoring; the 2020 virtual format allowed each of the o...

Resilience, S&T
George L. Kemper, Jul 30, 2020

Lab Protocols: Going Forward in Covid Times

The health and safety of lab workers is at the forefront of all lab design. The COVID-19 pandemic has added enhanced protocols to everything we do, including the way we will work and interact in the lab. The traditional lab worker will need to navigate a multitude of COVID-19 recommendations and safety measures from th...

Robert V. Reis, Jul 28, 2020

The Virginia Design Medalist Program in 2020 – Distance Style

Unlike any before it, the 2020 version of the Hanbury S. Michael Evans Virginia Design Medalist Program will carry on - virtually!

For the past 15 years a professor of architecture, planning or a design-related field has spent several weeks with Hanbury, participating in design discussions, critiquing work and deliveri...

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